Give away

Recently I was given a „give away“ from a friend of mine. No gift, she pointed out, a „give away“. In a letter accompanying the „give away“ she explained to me, what this is about.

It´s about giving something to someone without any attached strings. No expectations that it´s the right taste, that the person receiving it is happy about it or needs it or wants to use it. The one receiving the „give away“ is deliberately set free to keep the „give away“ or to pass it on. Happily and without the least truce of guilt.

I got four items: a pair of tights, running trousers, a book and freedom. I couldn´t keep the tights because they were too long – and honestly: I didn´t like them so much. But even if they had fitted perfectly I could have given them away without feeling guilty that I don´t appreciate the „give away“ enough.

The rules existing for a „give away“ should apply for gifts, too. However much I enjoyed the running trousers on my first three chances to wear them, however eager I am looking forward to reading the book in the future: the best part was the part about being liberated to enjoy what I like and give away what I don´t. I can honestly say: thank you, my friend!

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