What is a gentleman? It`s an old word and it seems not to be used anymore – perhaps it describes an almost extinct species. That`s sad!!!!

It may be so that there are not many gentlemen around anymore, at least not in the usual sense of the word. I don`t know. Surely there are some men around who behave like a gentleman:

They might
offer someone a seat,
invite a woman to the movies (or for dinner),
acknowledge the authority of elder people,
use their strength for the weak among us,
open the door for women,
be discreet,
avoid yelling, interrupting or bullying,
encourage and help people,
and some more.

But all of that is not most important for me.

For me gentlemen should
ask for someone else`s opinion,
show interest in other people`s interests,
put their own needs behind the needs of other`s,
be patient and merciful with the slower and dumber one`s (without them noticing it!),
leave a humble impression,
listen carefully,
and some more.

For me a gentleman should be gentle.

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