In itself

Sometimes the act of preparing for something seems to be tedious work without any measurable benefit. Still: the preparation itself might be just as important as the goal.

Sometimes a sickness seems to be a nuisance, or something much worse. But in the end the sickness itself might teach us more about ourselves than our ‘healthy self’ ever thought possible.

Sometimes studying is hard and tiring, especially when it comes to subjects which come ‘with the package’ of school, training or apprenticeship, or degree courses. Nevertheless, the ‘side effects’ of studying – such as endurance, thoroughness or perseverance – might be worth more than what I learned in the process.

I will endeavor to consistently pursue an objective (or at least hope for the better) – while still, the whole time, being aware of the path itself: getting there, or getting through, takes up much more of my time in my life.

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